Saturday, August 22, 2009

Belo Horizonte, Brasil

Not sure what to do next, we hopped a bus to Belo Horizonte the next morning. Off the bus we walked the hot, crowded streets to find more outrageously priced hotels. A few tries in we came upon a hostel with separate men and women dorms - however it was only $10US so we took it. We left our belongings in the dorm and went out in the heat to take our time exploring the city. After checking out numerous exteriors of buildings we spent a good amount of time in the huge central park outfitted with a kiddy amusement park and all. For the middle of mining nowhere there lies a decent, busy city that manages to maintain a laid back feel. For lunch we ate at an amazing little lunch pit stop in the mercado and had the daily special of ox tail soup con asado of lo mein, rice, beans y lechuga. After our long, slow day out we sat in the common area of the hostel (of which they almost didn't let us back in because of the language barrier) where dinner was being served to regulars and what appeared to be men off the street - but the hostel was so big they all could have lived there. After, we parted ways to bed where thankfully I slept with nice girls my age who also read and fell asleep pretty early.

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