Saturday, August 22, 2009


En la manana we awoke at relatively the same time and went to the bus station to buy a bus ticket to Rio that night and a bus ticket to the caves that day. Happily, the bus attendant understood me when I requested us to be let off at the caves on the way to Sete Lagos and they dropped us off on the highway across from the entrance. We sat around in the heat trying to befriend a scrappy dog while we waited for the next tour. Beforehand our lady tour guide was concerning herself that we didn't speak the same languages until I figured out and told her we didn't care and just wanted to see them. Inside, we climbed down deeper and deeper into the caves where a decent amount of visual activity was to be seen all around us. It was brief but pretty cool and took up our morning and in a few hours we were back hitching it roadside waiting for a bus to stop and pick us up - which they are always happy to do. Back at the bus station we let a locker and crammed everything into one and returned to the market where everyone had the same awesome plate of the day in front of them and we ordered the same. The rest of the day we spent passing time and goofing around at the bus station waiting for our final overnight bus to Rio.

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