Sunday, June 7, 2009

a foot and a half of blankets

San Fernando, Chile -

Chile is unbelievable beautiful and although San Fernando wasn´t exceptional it was a beautiful (and cheap) metrotrain ride down. The land is impossibly flat and filled with farms & vineyards and then the Andes rise up out of nowhere. They become more visible and closer by the day, quietly hovering over the towns. I started to read Nate´s journal on the train ride and decided I wouldn´t again until we were traveling back home because we were hysterical as I reread excerpts aloud. Apparently my boy is a humorous writer. The town was the quiet town I hoped for as I´m sure most will be from this point South. The only sight in town was under construction so we ate at what seemed to be the only restaurant in town. Still tired from the night before we went to bed early to read and watch a Los Simpson marathon as music blared loudly from the street below.

Curico, Chile -

As we work our way further south day by day the cold weather becomes increasingly noticable. Although it´s far from frightful to everyone else that lives here it might as well be 20 below. They are bundled in their winter coats, scarves & hats while we will go out in our long underwear and sweatshirts - thus far it´s not so bad. Although last nights hostel was a little expensive they do have free internet (which I´m obviously taking advantage of,) breakfast, hot water - finally, english cable, a common area with a fireplace which we took advantage of last night, and a foot and a half of blankets to sleep under - literally. The town though bigger & busier than San Fernando has not much to offer unless you want to shop. There is a pretty cute plaza but it seems to be ignored here as no businesses surround it and very few people frequent the area.

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