Monday, June 29, 2009

Punta Arenas, Chile

The morning after Torres del Paine it was snowing! It was beautiful and quite in the streets and a dog immediately ran up and escorted us to the bus station. The 2.5hr bus ride through more wide open spaces went quickly and before long we could see the deep blue of the Magellan Straight. Unfortunately the only cheap hostel in town was a bit of a hike over icy, icy sidewalks but worth the risk once we got there. They had a dog, a cat, a family and a stove right outside our muy cute room. The man was very nice and it was the first time we left the door unlocked (mainly to let the heat in.) The town is wedged between the Magellan Straight and a hill which we walked up for the view. The next morning it was snowing again and continued to snow all day. It´s beginning to throw me off and I get excited for Christmas and think a lot about memories of the holidays at 355 Timber Rd. for some reason... it being Sunday there was nothing to do except walk around this beautiful 4 block cemetery which by looking at the tracks in the snow had already seen quite a bit of visitors that morning. Graves here are much like their houses - painted with bright colors, adorned with fake flowers, curtains, gates, pictures and various religious knick-knacks. It´s beautiful and sad all at once. The town was quite and pleasant and our last stop before the world´s end.

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