Thursday, June 11, 2009

La Casa Sonia

Chillan, Chile -

The quiet residential town of Chillan was reached by a 2.5hr train from Curico. As we walked along the wide empty streets the smell of burning wood stoves permiated the air from every chimney. The Sunday streets were empty and we walked alone with the falling leaves in the grey afternoon. We were greeted by a wonderful old woman at the hostel who was pre-involved in a card game with friends who look like they come over everyday. 4,000 pesos later (a deal) we were handed a key and set out in search of anywhere that was open that would feed us. We found the mercado and sat down to lunch before they closed as well. Nate got Sausage & Pure (mashed potatos) which I was jealous of until I 1) tasted it & 2) my Cazuela de Ave was set down in front of me - in all it´s 2 dark meat sectioned, whole potato, rice, cilantro and big chuck of pumpkin glory. After lunch we browsed what was left open at the mercado and decided to get a roasted chicken to eat back at the hostel later. Since there was nothing else to do we bought a bottle of champagne and went back to play cards alongside Sonia y Co. The only other traveler staying that night spoke English and we chatted a few hours before we ate and went to bed.

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