Thursday, July 23, 2009

Covering Ground

In the morning we stepped out onto her porch as light was just starting to break, sad to be leaving. We caught the sunrise over the ocean and then the bus along with a few students in uniform. We soon found out as the bus kept stopping and more and more students overflowed the seats filling the entire length of the aisle that the 7:50AM bus to Chuy was also the school bus for every kid in town. They were off before too long and the rest of the ride went quickly. Thankfully the bus stopped for us at the Uruguay immigration office outside of town (which the guide book threatened they didn´t) and we got off the bus in Chuy with Brazil literally across the street and Uruguay behind us.
Trusting the guide book (for some reason) we bypassed looking for a Brazilian bus station and started walking the 1km to the Brazilian border (because the guide book also said that buses didn´t stop there either.) 4km later we got our passports stamped. They asked us how we got there and laughed when we said we walked. With no other choice we started walking the 4km back to town when a taxi whizzed by, picked us up and took us right to the correct bus station. We had a decent meal before boarding and at 8:30 that night, arrived in Puerto Allegra. With everything in Portuguese it took us longer than usual to figure things out. Thankfully we found a ticket counter just in time and hopped on the last overnight bus to Cascavel, Brazil just as it was pulling away. At 9 the next morning we made our last connection to Foz de Iguaca, Brazil where upon entering our cheap, sleazy room, we promptly crashed.

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