Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thermas de Dayman

We arrived early in Salto, Uruguay and asked information how to go about getting ourselves on the public bus out to the Thermas de Dayman. Giving us fine directions but me in my sleepy state not paying attention and Nate interpreting them incorrectly we sat on the sidewalk on a residential street for 45 minutes waiting for a bus that never came. Assuming we got it wrong we went back to the bus station, figured out where we went wrong, waited another 45 minutes on a different sidewalk and finally caught the bus. We were dropped off in the mini resort to get lost for a bit until we found the one hostel listed in the guidebook which ended up costing $140 USD. Not wanting to pay $70 each to sit in hot water and not wanting to leave the town altogether we inquired into a campsite we passed by. For $5USD each we got hot showers, a pass to camp and 24hr access to the 2 therma piscina´s. Excited we had a place to stay we finally went to eat at an outdoor parrilla across the street where I had the best papas fritas and the most moist piece of chicken that ever crossed my lips. After, we set up our tent, changed into our swimsuits and hopped in a pool all to ourselves. We sat in there for a good bit until we felt tired and heavy and decided it might be a good idea to take a break. It was so warm out that I broke out my skirt for our afternoon stroll through town (which is really just a small circular dirt street jam packed with hotels, stands y restaurants. Like all the South American tourism we´ve been encountering, everywhere seems to still be trying to catch up to their new found hype. Though the bus terminal is on the map we got from the tourist office it is actually still being built. When completed though the guy who runs the camp ground is going to be thrilled as he is right behind it and nothing else is built up around it, yet. As we walked around I couldn´t believe that while everyone else paid big money for a room and packed thermas, we paid nothing for a beautiful, quiet field y empty piscinas. We went back to take another dip before dinner where we watched an electric sunset over the quiet pampas field while soaking in the tub. We ate at the same, yummy place we had lunch and went back for our 2nd night of camping y fell asleep listening to a field of crickets.

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