Sunday, July 26, 2009

Market of the South - Ciudad del Este, Paraguay

We packed up and left the crappy city of Foz de Iguacu, Brazil for a visit to the Itaipu Dam. Once there, we watch an informative video and got on the tour bus where they told us that the weather was so bad you couldn´t see anything and if we wanted we could leave now and get our money back. Nate still wanted to go and I didn´t care so we went. It was alright and over pretty quickly as there really wasn´t that much to ooh and ahh over through the fog. After, we hopped a public bus to the aduana and hit immigration to Paraguay just before the mass of people behind us did and got it with no problem after walking across the bridge the guide book recommended not to. And I can see why as you could easily be thrown over in a robbery, especially at night. As it was daylight, fairly guarded by police and full of people we thought it okay. Greeting us on the other side was a hill jam packed with street vendors that we tried to avoid until after we ditched our backpacks. We had lunch at a delicious buffet and walked all through streets and streets of markets. After another successful dinner from a street cart we went to bed.

Though I didn´t really see the point in coming to Paraguay and paying $60USD for a visa to visit for a few days, I am glad we came. Like all corrupt, poor places there is something different, real and more alive about the place and the people who live there. They are friendly, everyone is out, it´s busy and crowded and they look after each other and it just feels.. different. That morning we walked out of the crowds through green, green parques to catch our bus to Asuncion, Paraguay.

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